10 Clean and User Friendly WordPress Themes

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The most stylish contemporary WordPress blogs are using clean, accessible themes. This post brings together ten of the best themes currently available, beautiful examples of minimalism and user-friendly typography with the emphasis firmly on content.

1. Minimalist

Minimalist WordPress Theme

This theme from Techdesigns is pure minimalism, as the name suggests. The design utilizes Mootools, is fast loading, and has an image-free layout for pure text focused pages. There are five different color schemes to choose from, so users may adapt the theme to their individual taste.

2. Sharpfolio

sharpfolio WordPress Theme

Sharpfolio is a clean theme designed to offer a user-friendly platform for creative professionals to showcase their work. With a simple dark background, a sharp portfolio layout with unobtrusive text, the viewer is able to concentrate entirely on the user’s creative output.

3. Undedicated

Undedicated WordPress Theme

Nyutech presents Undedicated, a superbly simple WordPress theme. The layout is crisp and inviting, with plain text on a light background. The theme is capable of handling large image files to accompany the blog content.

4. Die Neue Typographie

Typographie WordPress Theme

Many commentators consider Swiss designer Jan Tschichold’s 1928 book, Die Neue Typographie: The New Typography, the 20th Century’s definitive treatise on typographical design. The book offers guidance on using grids with text, and in homage to Tschichold’s work, this marvelous theme lays out text on minimal pages. The beautiful minimal design reflects the book’s color scheme with a striking combination of black text on yellow ground, although there is the option for more conventional white pages.

5. Ambiru

Ambiru WordPress Theme

Ambiru is a classically calm WordPress theme, with a single column designed to draw the visitor’s eye straight to the posts. The tranquil layout, with its cool color scheme, is easily adaptable with a changeable header image.

6. Basal

Basal WordPress Theme

Ryan McNair presents Basal, an uncluttered two-column theme. This is an image-free design, with the focus on plainly arranged type for easy access to the core content.

7. The Essayist

Essayist WordPress Theme

The Essayist is an elegant theme, with a design that lends itself ideally to personal blogging for serious writers. The theme is presented with a two-column frontage with archive pages, with the post contained in a single column, for clean layouts focusing on the content.

8. Manifest

Manifest WordPress Theme

Jim Barraud’s Manifest is a streamlined theme with all the attention on the content. The pared-down design applies a single column in a 500-pixel wide lay out, with no sidebars, no widgets, absolutely no-nonsense for clean and accessible pages.

9. Satorii

Satorii WordPress Theme

Crisp, graceful and with a strong focus on readable content, Satorii is a stylish design based on the Sandbox theme. The layout, with a centered column for contents and three widgetised columns in the footer, is easily adaptable to user needs and has all the elements one expects from a WordPress theme: support for galleries, tags and captions, Gravatar, localization, image template and widgets.

10. Oulipo

Oulipo WordPress Theme

Andrea Mignolo’s minimalist theme Oulipo is created with the aim of showcasing content with no distractions. The beauty of the design is in its grid-based layout and typographical presentation. The theme features a widget-enabled sidebar, front page styling for sticky posts and threaded comments for WordPress 2.7.

This is a guest post by Tom Walker. He blogs and designs with an online specialist in HP 342 ink cartridges, toners and other supplies for the creative industries.

Soumya is the admin and founder of Techcular. He loves to discover and learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog few times.

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