CleanUp or Remove Temporary Files in Windows 8

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You might have experienced that your system no longer seems to be as fast as it used to be in the beginning. One of the culprits participating in giving rise to this situation is the temporary files in system. The temp or the temporary files are created by Windows due incomplete or due to haphazardly terminated Windows Session and get stored in the system hard drive. These temporary files participate in reducing the system performance as they consume much disk space. Here is the tutorial how you can remove or delete or cleanup the unnecessary temporary files from your Windows 8 hard disk.

remove delete temporary files windows 8

The temporary files can be easily noticed by the .TMP extension. Upon cleaning up those unnecessary temporary files, you can not only increase disk space on your system hard drive but also improves the performance of your system. Here are two procedures how to get rid of the Temporary files in Windows 8.

Remove Temporary Files with the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows 8

  • In the Windows 8 start screen, move the cursor on the right bottom and click on the search box

select search

  • Type Disk Cleanup in the search box. From the results displayed in the left pane, click on the Free and Disk Space by deleting Unnecessary Files

Free and Disk Space by deleting Unnecessary Files

  • Now, click on drop down arrows in the cleanup dialog and select the drive

select drive for cleanup

  • Once the drive is selected the Disk Cleanup starts scanning the chosen drive and calculates the free space and displays all the temporary files residing on that drive

scan for temp files

  • Choose the temp files that are to be deleted by clicking the check box and click on the Ok

temp files disk cleanup

  • Upon prompted are you sure to delete the files permanently, click on Delete Files button to remove the selected files

disc cleanup prompt

  • Now, the Disk Cleanup wizard starts deleting the unnecessary temporary files from your computer hard disk.

cleaning temp files from drive

Remove Temporary Files from Temp folder in Windows 8

As we all know, Microsoft has included many features to Windows 8, the Disk Cleanup utility is one which will you clean up unnecessary files on your system and makes the deletion of temporary files in Windows simple.

  • Firstly, go to Desktop Icon on your Windows 8 Home Screen and click on it
  • Now, press Windows Key + R to launch RUN dialog box and type in %temp% and hit OK
  • Upon hitting OK, you will get to the screen where you can see all your temporary files of the drive

Temp Folder win8

  • Now, select all the files and click delete Key in your Keyboard

Select Continue to delete

  • You will be prompted by a Pop Up on hitting the Delete key saying “Do this for all Current Items”, you need to click on Continue to proceed. On encountering any errors, click Skip. The errors are due to the files associated with the programs that are currently in use. But, on closing all your Running Programs the errors disappear.

Skip Errors

Once you have completed all the steps you can see that all the Temporary files in your system are successfully deleted.

By following any of the two procedures described above you can remove all the temporary folders from your system hard drive and increase the disk space and boost the performance of your system.


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