How to Clear the History on iPad [Tutorial]

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Do you want to clear the history on your iPad? Well, It is necessary to clear the history, cache and cookies from iPad in order to keep the device clean. As we know Safari is used as primary browser of iPad so during web browsing cookies are used by the websites to improve the web experience. These cookies are stored in the browser settings of iPad. So it is necessary to clear these cookies. If you want to clear the cookies, cache and history on your iPad then simply follow the step by step instructions posted below.

ipad clear history


STEP 1. From the iPad home screen you have to click on “Settings”.

STEP 2. From the menu simply select “Safari”.

STEP 3. Now you have to click on either “Clear Cookies”, “Clear Cache” or “Clear History” in order to clear Cookies, Cache or History.

ipad safari clear history

For your kind information history is a list of websites and keywords those are used in search engines. Cache are the temporary files those are downloaded through the Internet browser. By following the above steps you can clear history, cache and cookies from your iPad.


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