Cocoon Wraps Up Privacy Features [Firefox Extension]

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There are many add-ons that keep your browsing information private, your internet connection secure, and your email spam-free. But Cocoon is a unique Firefox extension that wraps up all those privacy features into one. It basically acts as a proxy, hiding your IP address from companies that would want to track your browsing behavior, and connects to even unsecured sites using a secure connection.


Once you have installed Cocoon, it turns on Private Browsing mode and stores your browsing hinarrative on its servers. This lets you view your hinarrative as normal, when you’re logged in. Cocoon also allows you to create disposable email address, to keep the spam out of your mail email inbox. It includes “notes” feature for jotting down notes on any web page and view them from your hinarrative.

This cool extension adds itself as a toolbar to Firefox, that lets you easily turn its security features on and off according to your need. Right click on the toolbar and uncheck it, in order to hide it. Cocoon is still in development, and you can have a free 45 day trial and hefty discount on the service. Currently there are 3,500 invites. You can free download Cocoon that works wherever Firefox does.


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