How to Connect a USB Flash Drive to iPad

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You might have known that connecting external hard drive with iPad was made successful using Camera connection kit sometime ago. And now the hackers found a way to connect a USB flash drive to iPad. This hack allows you to connect your flash drive with the iPad and via camera connection kit and browse, sync, transfer files, music, data using iFile feature.

Connect iPad with USB drive

Before you proceed, you must jailbreak your iPad using Spirit. You need to have iPad accessories that includes iPad camera connection kit (iKit) and install iFile (file browser) from Cydia.

Now when you connect your USB flash drive to your iPad via camera connection kit, your device might show an error that the device is not supported. Simply ignore the error message and open iFile on your iPad. You can now browse all the contents available in the USB flash drive and sync or transfer data from iPad to USB flash drive.

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2 Comments to How to Connect a USB Flash Drive to iPad

  1. That is interesting. I wonder if that would work to connect a printed to the iPad? Also, I wonder if there is any (cheap) way to type things up in a program like Word and Powerpoint…

  2. I didn't know you had to jailbreak the iPad to connect a flash drive. I wonder if the 2nd gen iPads will require this or will Apple have the foresight to accommodate this need.

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