Utorrent Remote App to Control uTorrent Downloads from your Android

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With many differences, Android and iOS are made explicit. But you won’t find better reflection of the ideological difference between the two platforms than the sort of apps that get approved for distribution on their respective app stores. Keeping an eye on it, Google just approved uTorrent for Android. uTorrent is a popular and most used Torrent client across the web. If you are an Android user, then you’ll feel Utorrent Remote app very interesting. 

Utorrent Remote

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Remotely control torrents on uTorrent client from Android.
  • Shift files directly to your phone.
  • Add, remove, start, and stop torrents.

Utorrent Remote lets you manage your uTorrent desktop clients, by adding and removing downloads, pausing transfers, checking RSS feeds for new downloads, and more. Once the download is completed, you can pull the completed files onto your Android phone for mobile viewing. Apart from it, you can check RSS feeds, prioritize downloads, and even access downloaded files by shifting them to your phone.

If you are a fan of the official Bittorrent client, then this is a great app for you. In order to login, set a username and password on your desktop. After that, enter that same username and password on your device. uTorrent Remote will handle the connection and you don’t need to open any ports on your router or firewall. uTorrent Remote is a free app for Android that is 222KB in size. It is compatible with all smartphones running Android 2.1 or later.

Download uTorrent Remote


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