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It’s really a pain, as PDF is the de facto file format for web documents and eBooks. Even when you read PDF files in portable devices like mobile phones. EPUB format ensures that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device. But again the issue rises in terms of EPUB availability. Epub2Go is a PDF converter that take care of this hassle. It’s an online tool that can convert a PDF to EPUB.


Key Features

  • Convert PDF to EPUB with a single click.
  • Upload a file from your computer or from an online location.
  • Read EPUB books on iPhone using Stanza.
  • No additional software required.
  • No sign up needed.

Using Epub2Go is very easy, simply upload the PDF file from your computer and let this tool take care of the rest. Tell ePUB2Go exactly where the PDF file is located, and upload the file. Immediately you’ll get the options of either viewing or saving the ePub file on your computer or having it emailed to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. After converting a PDF file to the ebook EPUB format, you can use it in an ebook reader like Stanza.

Well with Stanza you can easily read EPUB files on iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. You can directly download the file into Stanza eBook reader. You can also view ePub files on your iDevice like DropBox. One thing make sure that, the PDF must be no more than 30MB, only bitmap (non-vector) images are converted. The tables are not converted.

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