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More talked about Windows 8 OS includes many impressive features that have fascinated many users. Windows To Go is a brand new feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8. This latest feature allows users to create a portable live version of fully functional Windows 8 OS which is known as Windows To Go Workspace that is a portable Windows 8 environment that can be carried on a USB drive easily and can be readily used in any other system and access Windows 8 by simply plugging the device.

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Once you have this portable version of Windows 8 OS you can run the OS without installing it on the other PC. You just need to plug-in the USB drive in the computer and boot the computer and enjoy full version of Windows 8 running in that computer within seconds.

During journey or travelling if you don’t carry your personal system, then this type of portable version of Windows 8 becomes very useful. As it can be carried anywhere, just insert in any other computer system and you are ready to work in your very own Windows 8 OS.

All types of USB drives can be used to create portable Windows 8 version but the more suitable one is the USB drive having Designed for Windows logo on it. Any Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS can access this USB. Systems that are certified to use Windows 7 or Windows 8 will run this portable version of Windows 8 without any difficulty. Moreover, the host PC should have a minimum of 1GHz processor and 2 GB RAM.

To create a portable version of Windows 8, you need to employ Windows 8 Enterprise edition as the Windows To Go feature is only available in this version.

On having the Windows 8 Enterprise edition, install it. Next, go to Control Panel and launch Windows To Go wizard from there and follow the instructions and have a bootable USB drive that can run the portable version of Windows 8 anywhere in any PC.

windows to go startup options

Microsoft is also offering a free guide for creating portable Windows 8 environment using Windows To Go feature, click on this link to download it.

The guide is a .docx file containing 7 pages only that can be opened in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. This will let you learn how to create the portable Windows 8 USB drive and how to use it in a different computer.

Windows To Go allows you to carry your Windows 8 OS anywhere and access it without having your personal computer with you by simply inserting the USB device to the host computer. The portable Windows 8 version is definitely helpful to many users out there.


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