Create Shortcut for Hybrid Shut Down in Windows 8

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Microsoft has brought out many changes in the new OS to increase its performance compared to earlier version of Windows OS. Windows 8 in builds fast start up that allows Windows boot after shut down faster. This hybrid or fast start up is possible as when you attempt to shut down your PC, OS saves the kernal session along with device drivers to the hibernate (hiberfil.sys) file on disk rather closing it. So, whenever you start Windows 8 system next time it boots faster. Here is the tutorial about how you can create Hybrid Shut Down Shortcut in Windows 8.

Create Hybrid ShutDown Shortcut windows 8

This feature not only boots PC faster by saving the session in hiberfil.sys file but also reduces file size as compared to the earlier version OS. In the tutorial here we will create Shut down shortcut with or without a time delay and custom message that appears before Windows 8 shutdowns and prepares itself for a fast startup.

Custom message

Steps to create a Custom “Hybrid Shut down” Shortcut Manually

  • To create shortcut, on desktop, right click on a empty space and from the context menu select New > Shortcut.
  • Create Shortcut screen appears, in the location field type in shutdown -S -hybrid -F -T ## -C “Your message “

type location

For instance, say you want to shutdown having 30 second time delay and with a message Don’t forget to save and close everything now

shutdown -s -hybrid -f -t 30 -c “Don’t forget to save and close everything now.”
Replace ## with the time (seconds) you want to delay before Windows 8 prepares to shutdown.

The message appears for the time being you set the time delay for shutdown.

  • Next, assign a name Hybrid Shut down and hit the Finish button

name shortcut

  • Now you can see the shortcut created on desktop. Right click on it and select Properties


  • In properties window, select the Shortcut tab, and then the Change Icon button and hit OK
  • In the new window below the line Look for icons in this file, copy and paste %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll and hit Enter

select icon

  • Next, choose the icon highlighted in blue in the above screenshot, and hit OK.
  • Finally click OK and close all the windows.

You can now see the created shortcut with the icon as chosen by you. It is up to whether you want to pin to Taskbar on desktop or start screen or add to Quick Launch, etc wherever you feel easier to access it.

Upon following the tutorial here you can create shortcut for Hybrid Shutdown and turn of system and start up Windows 8 faster.


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