Wallcast to Create your Personalized Desktop Wallpaper

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Do you want to tell others about who you are through your desktop? If yes, then Wallcast is a great tool that you can use to do so. It can set your photographs as your desktop wallpaper, that will definitely personalize your computer experience. It basically creates an auto changing wallpaper that you can see after turning on your computer.


Some Cool Features of Wallcast

  • It turns the computer wallpaper into a creatively unique and live and social, dynamic collage of photos.
  • The photos changes automatically with a different set of personal photographs.
  • You can receive photos from friends and relatives online.
  • You can send your version of the photographs to be included in your friends wallpaper collage (private exchange).
  • People only with an invite can send and receive photos.
  • Photographs can be shared via iPhone/iPod Touch.

To customize the wallpaper, you can login to the Wallcast account and add pictures. You can send the images as an  attachment to a mail address. Once you choose and add the photographs, collage is instantly created by this service. With Wallcast, you can add a personal, creative touch to the usually plain wallpapers. It supports Windows and Mac computers.

Check out the below video:

Wallcast – Bring Life to Your Wallpaper
Click Here to get started.


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