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ProShow Producer is a quality product from Photodex, that lets you blend your photography with music and videos to produce impressive multimedia slide shows. It has a quite impressive interface with many cool features. You can rotate a photo, zoom in or out, and pan along a photo, and use many more effects to your photos. This superb tool lets you make very impressive slideshow within less than a half hour.

Photodex ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer Features

  • You can add  and edit music tracks.
  • Add sounds, such as voiceovers, to individual slides.
  • Add an unlimited number of layers to any slide.
  • Supports 100+ file types.
  • Add motion like pan, zoom and rotate to any layer on a slide for a cinematic effect.
  • Crop and rotate your photos and videos with precision.
  • Control the font, size and color of captions in your slides.
  • Crop your audio and set fades using the built-in Audio Trimmer.
  • Add notes to any layer, slide or show.
  • New control bar for Web shows, EXEs, and PC Autorun shows.
  • Transparency support for PSD, PNG, TIFF, and GIF files.
  • Create Hollywood-style greenscreen effects with the all-new Chroma Transparency tool.
  • Optimize your workflow using built-in image correction tools like sharpen, colorize, saturate, etc.
  • Add a gradient or solid color as a slide layer to a layer.

ProShow Producer supports over 40 different output formats including DVD, Blu-ray, CD, EXE, Flash, HD Video, and more. It also lets you upload shows directly to YouTube and output to 20 different devices including the iPod and Blackberry. You can easily remove red-eye from photos and set captions to any font, size, style, and color. ProShow Producer is compatible with all Windows versions.

Download ProShow Producer


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