How to Create VCC (Virtual Credit Card) Using HDFC Netsafe

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Virtual Credit Card is like any other credit card that can be used online to pay bills, do shopping and more. HDFC Bank allows all it’s customers to use VCC online to keep control on the expenditure, prevent online frauds and have complete control on the funds. Since one can select the amount of the card, expiry period and the multiple usages such as to verify Paypal account, pay bills and shop online, it’s getting popular day by day. And yes, before we move ahead, you need to have a bank account with HDFC Bank with some funds in it.

HDFC Netsafe generates virtual credit cards upon user requests. VCC contains the 16 digit serial number, expiry date and 3 digit CVV2 code which is the globally accepted credit card format. Let’s know how to generate virtual credit cards.

HDFC Netsafe VCC CardsCreate VCC using HDFC Netsafe

  • Navigate to HDFC Netsafe website and login with your details (If you don’t have a Netsafe account yet, create one)
  • Enter an amount that you want the VCC to be loaded with >> click Go
  • HDFC Netsafe will automatically generate one Virtual Credit Card for you with the previously entered amount
  • Take a note of 16 digit VCC number, expiry date and CVV2 code
  • You are done.

The generated HDFC Netsafe VCC will be valid for 24 hours while you can cancel it anytime within the said period. You can create several Virtual Credit Cards at the same time and use them for online usages.

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8 Comments to How to Create VCC (Virtual Credit Card) Using HDFC Netsafe

  1. @ Cybersix : Nope, you can load VCC only if you have got balance in your HDFC bank account. HDFC Netsafe does not support Paypal or any other similar niches.

    • @Mehran: I am not sure if they offer accounts to people outside India, but anyone with a HDFC account can take the benefits of Netsafe.

  2. Thanks but I am not from India and I cannot create an account. Can anyone create an account for me and I am willing to pay them $$$

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