Customize Windows 7 Login Screen

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A large number of user out there must be fond of customizing there Windows system. Be it screensavers, desktop wallpapers or font type and sizes, visual customization at the OS level fascinates many users and moreover setting them is really easy and fast. Microsoft avails many customization options be it online or offline to personalize the system. Here is the tutorial how to customize the Windows 7 login screen.Customize windows 7 login screen

There are various ways to set the Windows 7 login screen, which may be accomplished with or without third-party software. Many users aren’t in favor of using any third-party application, while there are users too who appreciate a quicker, safer route. Here is how to change Default Logon Wallpaper in Windows 7 both by manually and using utility.

Manually Change Default Logon Wallpaper in Windows 7

If you opt for manually changing the default logon wallpaper, then you need to sat a back up as this process deals with modifying the Windows registry.

  • Go to Windows Start menu and enter regedit into the search bar. This will open Windows Registry
  • Next, right click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and select find

find oembackground

  • Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background and look for OEMBackground. If the key does not exist, you need to create a new DWORD value with the name OEMBackground


  • Now, double click on OEMBackground, and change the value from 0 to 1

set oembackgound

  • Open Windows Explorer and go to the following path %windir%\system32\oobe
  • In here create a new folder and name it info, and click to open it
  • Again create a new folder within info and name it as backgrounds
  • Now, select your desired wallpaper which you want at the logon screen and rename it as backgroundDefault.jpg and put it inside the folder backgrounds (make sure the images must not exceed more than 245KB in size)

Upon completion of all the steps you can reboot your system to see the changes.

Using Third-party Software to Change Default Logon Wallpaper in Windows 7

Logon Changer windows-7

If you are not thorough with the registry entries or unable to deal with the registry entries, then you can simply achieve it by using Logon Changer.

This software is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t require installation. It also accommodates built-in tools that are capable to resize and recompress your images automatically without altering the original file. The Logon Changer also allows you to transform back into the default Windows 7 screen from the modified ones.

To change the default logon screen, firstly you need to download Logon Changer and then unzip the executable file. Next, run the program, by doing this you will get to see the preview of your newly set logon screen along with a few self-explanatory options like Change Logon Screen that allows you to browse a new image, Test option will get you to the logon screen, Revert to Default Logon Screen reapplies Windows 7’s original wallpaper.

So, now onwards you can change the Windows 7 Logon screen wallpaper to a wallpaper of your desire.


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