Customizing Windows 8.1 Start Sreen

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Windows 8.1 will be officially launched this October. It’s been a year since the launch of Windows 8 but there are many users who were not satisfied with the Windows 8. The missing start menu, booting to start screen feature and many more have really disappointed many users out there. To overcome all the imperfection in Windows 8, Microsoft is bringing the Windows 8.1. Earlier Windows 8 doesn’t allow users to customize the start screen or set desktop as the start screen background image, but Windows 8.1 allows this. Here is the tutorial how you can set your desktop as start screen background image or customize your start screen in Windows 8.1.

customize windows8.1 startscreen

Windows 8.1 brings the missing start menu back unlike the Windows 8. You can also directly boot into the desktop rather booting into the start screen first. Moreover there are several features that are enabled in Windows 8.1. Earlier the Start screen was not customizable but Windows 8.1 comes with an option to customize start screen i.e. resize the tile size and change its background wallpaper.

To make Windows 8.1 look more customized, Microsoft has enabled the feature to customize the start screen as revealed by the here. Here is how you can do so.

Steps to Set Desktop as your Start Screen Background or Wallpaper

  • If you are on the start screen, go to desktop by clicking on the Desktop tile
  • In the desktop screen, go to taskbar and right click
  • Select Properties from the taskbar menu

select taskbar properties

  • Next, in the properties windows, hit the Navigation tab
  • Here you can find an option saying “Show my desktop background on Start”, simply check the box to enable your desktop to be set as your start screen wallpaper.

show desktop wallpaper startscreen w8.1

You can now see the start screen background changed to that of your desktop.

The start screen tiles can be re-sized in Windows 8.1.

How to Resize Tiles on Windows 8.1 Start Screen

  • Get to the start screen first as Windows 8.1 offers settings to directly boot to the desktop unlike the case in Windows 8.
  • Next, right click on the particular tile whose size is to be changed
  • As soon as you right click on them the tile gets highlighted by Name this group
  • Similarly right click on all the tiles that are to be resized either enlarged or minimize.
  • At the bottom you can see a highlighted bar with options like unpin from start screen, uninstall, Resize, clear selection

resize windows 8.1 startscreen

  • From the options opt resize and a submenu appears listing options like Large, Wide, Medium and Small. Choose the sizes you want for the tiles but when you select only one tile then the option won’t appear.

This is how you can resize your Windows 8.1 start screen tiles and set desktop as your start screen background.

So, with the new features enabled in Windows 8.1 many users will be satisfied using the new Windows 8.1. Hopefully the steps described above helps you to customize Windows 8.1 start screen.


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