Customizing Windows 8 Charms bar with My WCP Charm Bar Customizer

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Windows 8 has brought out many new changes in the Windows OS and almost all are aware of it. The Charms bar of Windows 8 or Windows 8 RT is an added new functionality that allows you search, share, use Apps, etc. easily. Upon holding down Windows key + C, the charm bar appears on the screen or by moving the mouse pointer on the right side of the screen. The 5 features included in the bar charms i.e. Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings are known as charms and hence the name. If you are fond of customizing, then here is the tutorial how you can customize Windows 8 Charms bar.

Customize windows 8 charms bar with My WCP Charm Bar Customizer

Windows 8 is developed to be compatible with both PC’s and Tablets. The charms bar adds extra charm to your touch device by allowing you do things like using apps, searching and sharing easily with just a single finger swipe.
The functions of the charms item added in charms bar are listed below:

windows 8 charm-bar

Firstly the Search button, it allows you to search Apps like Mail, Messenger, Control Panel, and other PC settings and files on your system.

Next, Share allows sharing files and documents over social networking sites like Facebook, Live Messenger, and many more.

Start option takes you to Start Screen or to the previously opened App if you are on the Start Screen.

Devices enable you to connect and find external second screen or device.

Settings customize all settings on Windows 8 PC.

The tutorial here will show you how you can customize Charms bar. Simply follow the steps given below.
Steps to customize Windows 8 Charms bar

Customization of Charms bar is carried out using a third party application called My WCP Charm Bar Customizer. Firstly, you need to download it.

Upon opening the software application a screen pops out. There you can get various options to alter the settings.
Here you can opt to browse and select default icons and edit the UI file of the Charms bar

My WCP CharmBar Customizer

On selecting the first option, click on the image you want to change and then go to the location of that icon.

Upon selecting the latter option click on Edit UI. This allows you to Edit UI file as you wish to and once you are done with the editing, save the file to apply the changes.

Finally, to complete the procedure hit the Apply New Settings button.
Whenever you wish to restore the default settings, simply click on Restore Default Settings.

Upon following the tutorial here you can now customize Windows 8 charms bar using My WCP Charm Bar Customizer utility tool.


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