Customizing Windows 8 setup with WinReducer 8

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Windows 8 is different from the previous version of Windows OS with respect to operating speed. The new operating system also consumes less time while installing programs and apps not only this it also takes less disk space than Windows 7 OS. The reinstalling and repairing process in Windows 8 has been simplified by the introduction of Reset and Refresh PC features. But since Windows 8 offers speed the customization options are cut short. Here is the tutorial how to overcome the shortcomings and customize the Windows 8 Installation.

winReducer 8

The shortcomings of Windows 8 installation can be overcome by the use of third-party tools that are readily available nowadays. If you have been looking for software that have been unattended and customized Windows 8 installation by integrating drivers, removing Windows features and apps, then WinReducer8 is the solution to all.

WinReducer8 is a freeware utility program that allows you to customize Windows 8 setup from scratch through an ISO file creation from an existing installation disk or ISO. In addition to this it has the ability to remove inbuilt Windows apps, fonts, services, languages, drivers and themes and many more that you don’t want to install. The most interesting feature is that the application allows its users to create an unattended Windows 8 installation ISO, which saves your time as you don’t have to wait until the whole set up process is completed.

WinReducer8 for Windows

The program is accessible as a portable application. The only thing you need to simply extract the files and execute the appropriate version that is compatible with your computer. WinReducer8 is compatible and available for both, 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The main interface of WinReducer8 displays 3 main tabs.

First is the Components Reducer Tab, this tab allows you to choose the components that you want to install. You can deselect the unwanted features that you do not want to include. Mark the unwanted components such as Accessories, Drivers, Fonts, etc.

WinReducer8 components reducer

Next follows is the Customization tab, which helps further optimization and tweak your Windows 8 OS.

WinReducer 8 customization

Finally, the Unattended tab, this tab is the major highlight of the program as it is the one allowing you to have the option for a complete unattended installation. For this you need to enter the genuine Windows 8 license key and hit the Apply button. After a few minutes you will be having the unattended Windows 8 installation ISO file.

WinReducer8 Unattended

Upon using WinReducer8 you can overcome the shortcomings of Windows 8 Installation.


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