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Microsoft has replaced or say brought out many changes in the new Windows 8. Many features are either replaced or are hidden or are missing from the new OS. Many users find little difficult in looking for certain features that were easily found in the earlier versions of Windows. For instance, you can easily find the amount of space consumed by your Apps on the system hard disk from Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs), but this is not the same with Windows 8. Here is the tutorial to view how much space each installed Windows Store app eat up on your windows 8 system or tablet.

space on hard disc of windows 8 store apps

From Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs), you can also manage installed programs and also see how much a specific program eat up space on your hard disk. However, Windows 8 do show this but only for a non-Windows Store programs or say it doesn’t shows any information regarding the amount space consumed by each installed Windows Store app on system drive.

Windows store apps are the newest feature installed in Windows 8 OS, from where you can install several Apps and customize your system. Sometimes we keep wondering how much space a specific installed app uses. So, if you are one looking for the size of an installed App, then follow the steps given below.

How much Disk space taken by Windows store Apps

In order to know the size of an installed Windows Store app, follow the steps given below.

  • Press Windows key + I, to access the settings charm or if you are on a touch based device, then swipe from the right screen edge, then select Change PC Settings from the options
  • You will now see PC Settings window, here you have to select the General tab
  • To the right side of the window, you can see various options among them you need to look for the Available Storage section. It is where you can view free space of your primary disk drive.
  • To see how much space or size of the installed Windows Store apps size, simply click View apps size button

view app size pc setting windows 8

  • After clicking, you need to wait until the size of installed windows store app is determined. If you click on other windows then the dialog closes and you need to repeat the same process.
  • You will get a list showing the apps size from large to small in MB.

app sizes win8

From the steps described you can only see apps sizes installed on your system hard dive. You cannot uninstall ant programs from there like that of Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. To uninstall a Windows store App you have to right click on the app in the start screen and select Uninstall from the menu that appears.

Upon following the tutorial described above you can now get to know how much an installed Store App take up space on your Windows 8 system hard drive.


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