Determine the MAC Address on your Windows 8 Computer

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Are you unable to find out MAC address for your Windows 8 computer? Here is the tutorial how you can look for your Windows 8 MAC address. MAC is an acronym for Media Access Control address which is a unique identifier assigned to every individual network interfaces for the purpose of communication on the physical network segment. Every individual hardware unit has its unique MAC address on your computer. Follow the tutorial to find out MAC address for your Windows 8 computer.

find mac address in windows 8
As discussed earlier, Windows 8 has brought out many changes that are quite different from the earlier versions of OS. The traditional method of finding the MAC address is same, but users who are new to Windows 89 find some difficulties in finding some of the items in the new OS.

Generally MAC address comprises of 6 bytes or 48 bits address fields which means it can hold 2^48 MAC addresses in all. There are two categories for MAC address; they are Universally Administered provided by the Manufacturer of Network Interface Card (NIC) and the other one is the locally administered addresses provided by the network administrator.

The first three bytes represents on MAC address represents identifier of a specific company or the manufacturer of the device.

Steps to Determine the MAC Address in Windows 8

  • Bring up the charms bar by holding the Windows key + C and type cmd in the search box to open the command box or you can directly get there by double-clicking on the CMD icon on the Metro desktop

apps search

  • When the search results appears, right click on it and hit Run as Administrator upon prompted by UAC and approve to continue

cmd windows8

  • Now enter ipconfig -all and look for your internet address in the list of physical address that appears for the various network addresses

find mac address in windows 8

  • If you want to see the MAC addresses of network devices connected over your network, enter arp -a.

windows 8 get mac address of network devices

Upon successful completion of the above steps you can find your MAC address on Windows 8 computer.


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