Disable Live Tile Notification for Multiple Windows 8 Metro Apps

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Microsoft has added many new features to Windows 8, which has grabbed a lot of user’s attention. Firstly, the metro start screen which has replaced the traditional start menu, has been fascinating many Smartphone as well as desktop users. The Live tile on Metro screen has been an interesting feature. This live tile shows you the latest update of any App without actually opening the App or say with live tiles you stay updated. For instance, you can see the weather updates or your latest twitter updates without opening the program or the particular App. But, the live tiles App always need to be connected to the Internet to show latest updates, which in turn consume bandwidth and increases your Internet cost. Here is the tutorial how you can disable the live tiles for all Apps in Windows 8.

Disable Live Tile Notification Multiple Windows 8 Apps

In the earlier version of Windows OS, the Apps shortcuts only provided simple graphical objects with no dynamic content. But, with Windows 8 you can experience the live tile interface that provides dynamic information associated with the app.

The live tiles are nothing but the shortcuts of App with only difference is that it keeps you updated. With Calendar app as your live tile displays upcoming appointments. These live tiles need to be connected with Internet to keep you updated which increase your Internet costs. Many users think it as a sort of distraction when you are working and want to avoid social updates and news.

The most preferable and easiest way to disable Live Tiles is to right-click on the live tile you want to disable and then from the menu bar that appears, click on “Turn live tile off” at the bottom. By doing this you can easily turn off live updates on the tile for that app.

turn off live tile

This is how you can disable single App, but what would you do if there lots of tiles whose live tiles updates are to be disabled? You can try disabling one by one but it would consume a lot of time and is quite irritating.
Here is how you can disable live tile notifications for all apps all at once, using Windows Local Group Policy Editor.

Steps to Disable Live Tiles Notification for Multiple Apps

  • Firstly, open the Run box, press Windows key +R
  • Next, type in gpedit.msc and hit Enter. This will open the Local Group Policy Editor
  • Now, navigate to the following location User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Task Bar\Notifications

local group policy editor disable live tile

  • In the immediate right pane, double click on Turn off tile notification option and check the “Enabled” button

disable live tile notification

  • Click Apply and close the policy window.

Upon enabling this policy, you can now no longer see the any live tile notification for all Windows Modern UI apps or say this disables the live tile notification. To re-enable live tiles, simply set the previously set option i.e. Turn off tile notification policy to disabled or to Not configured and you are back with the live tiles updates.

The tutorial here allows you to disable and re-enable Windows App live tiles notifications on Windows 8 metro screen.


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