Disable or Hide Windows 8 Start Screen & Hot (Active) Corners

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Microsoft has brought out various variations in Windows 8 in comparison with earlier version of Windows OS. By now almost many users are well aware of the new features added to the new OS. We all know Windows 8 doesn’t allow users to boot directly in to the desktop rather it brings you to the start screen where you need to hit the desktop tile to go to t5he desktop mode. The modern start screen feature has been attracting many users but, there are users out there who are not fond of this feature neither with the hot corners. Here is the tutorial how you can get rid of the annoying features in Windows 8.

Disable Windows 8 Hot Corners

If you are Windows 8 RTM user then you might have come across the hot corners i.e. the features that pops out from the start screen or desktop corners. As we know Windows 8 boot directly to the start screen and lacks start menu, for easier access or switching between the two modes, hot corners are introduced.

For instance, on moving your mouse cursor at right side of the screen brings the Charms bar that shows five charms to make your access easier. Likewise, when you hover your mouse cursor to bottom-left corner of the screen, a small Start Screen thumbnail pops out that allows easy navigation to Start Screen. The App switcher is a feature that allows User to switch or navigate between different windows or Apps or opened features easily and quickly. This appears on moving the mouse cursor to the upper left corner.

Though the hot corners are provided for quick and easier access, many users don’t favour this instead they prefer working with classic desktop or traditional start menu.

In this tutorial we will be discussing about how you can disable the hot corners like charms bar, App Switcher and start screen thumbnail on Windows 8 using software’s like Skip Metro Suite and Classic Shell.

Disable Windows 8 Hot Corners with Skip Metro Suite v3.0

WinAero’s the all new Skip Metro Suite v3.0, from the name it is clear that it allows user to skip the start screen. This freeware disables hot corners and allows users to boot directly to Classic Desktop in Windows 8 RTM and Release Preview. If you find the Windows 8 Hot Corners annoying, you can download the freeware and run the .exe file. Skip Metro Suite is free, portable, light and easy to use. On running the .exe file, the main Interface opens, where you can disable or hide or skip start screen, app Switcher list, charms bar hint.


All you need to do is to download and run the freeware. Check the boxes for the respective features to be disabled and hit the Save settings button at the bottom. That’s all, you can now try moving mouse cursor to top-left corner or bottom left or right corner you will no longer find the hot corners.

Disable Windows 8 Hot Corners with Classic Shell

Classic Shell brings back the traditional start menu and toolbars bypassing the modern start screen in Windows 8. This freeware is simple and readily adds start button and taskbar features like that of earlier Windows OS. Further changes in the settings can disable hot corners.

All you need to do is to Download and install Classic Shell, you can see the new Start button readily available on the Taskbar. Go to its settings option by right clicking on the start button. At the bottom of the settings page, you can find the All Settings button, select it. Open the Windows 8 Settings tab, and check All button under Disable hot or active corners and apply the changes.

classic shell disable hotcorners w8

That’s all. Windows 8 active or hot corners will be disabled along with the start screen.

If you dislike the new feature in Windows 8 or fond of using the classic desktop, try Skip Metro Suite or Classic shell to disable hot corners.


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