How to Disable or Turn Off Windows Live Messenger Loading during Windows Startup (Auto Start)

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Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger is one of the popular messaging service clients to stay connected with friends, relative and to make online relationships. Windows Live Messenger has been configured to auto start as soon as you turn on your computer, so that regular users can easily get access to their account, without much user interference. However, you might find this annoying if you are not a frequent user or don’t want the Windows Messenger window to pop up during system start up.

During system startup, several programs or application uses system memory resource and hence you might not want to slow down your computer by opening Windows Live Messenger at that time. There is a very simple way to disable Windows Live Messenger during System start up.

Turn Off Windows Live Messenger during Windows Startup

  1. Run WLM and login with your account details
  2. Navigate to Tools >> Options
  3. If you are using an older version of Windows Live Messenger, select Preferences >> General option (skip to step-5)
  4. run windows messenger when windows starts

  5. If you are using latest version of WLM, select Sign in from the left pane
  6. Disable Windows Live Messenger

  7. Uncheck the option which says “Automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I log on to Windows”
  8. Click OK to save the changes you have made
  9. You are done.

That’s it. Windows Live Messenger won’t run from the next time when you turn on your computer. In this way you can turn off Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7, Vista, XP and other Windows operating systems also.

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7 Comments to How to Disable or Turn Off Windows Live Messenger Loading during Windows Startup (Auto Start)

  1. But I don't have a Windows Live Messenger ID so I can't sign in to turn it off? This is crazy and extremely annoying! I have to sign up for an ID so I can turn this thing off?

  2. @ Michelle : You can navigate to it's options page to uncheck the option. And you don't need to have any user ID with them to do this.

  3. Raymond Langley

    This is not working in Windows 7 as soon as I open IE Messenger opens and stays on the tool bar???

  4. Yeah my live messenger continues to operate despite having tried every suggestion out there.

    • I have tried to deactivate as well (using the method described) and WLM still starts. I hope someone can provide a solution that will work.

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