Disable/Turn off Start Screen Animation to Boost your Windows 8

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The most talked about feature of Windows 8 since its launch is the new Metro Start Screen. It is a replacement for traditional Start Menu in other Windows OS. Various programs are displayed in a full screen view similar to Windows Phone OS. Microsoft has developed Windows 8 to feature in PC, Smartphone and Tablets. When you click on the Desktop tile in Start Screen you are navigated to the desktop mod. On the way of transition you see a nice animation, many users’ claim that the transition effects slows down the computer. Here is the tutorial how you can disable Start Screen Animation in Windows 8.Disable Turn off Start Screen Animation windows 8

In the start screen you click on the respective tiles to launch the respective programs. To get to the desktop mode you click on the desktop tile and to switch back to the start screen you move your cursor to bottom left corner of screen and click on the Start Screen thumbnail that appears Or hit the WIN key to transit or switch between Desktop and Start Screen easily and quickly.

While switching you are presented with a nice eye catching animation. There are users who believe that this transition effects slow down the computer performance, if you are one believing this, then here is how you can disable this unnecessary Start Screen animation effect to boost the switching process.

Disable/Turn off Start Screen Animation in Windows 8

Follow the steps below to disable/turn off the Start screen animation in Windows 8

  • Hold down Windows key +R keys on the keyboard to open RUN dialog box
  • Now type sysdm.cpl in the dialog box and hit Enter

sysdm cpl

  • You will have the System Properties window opened
  • Next, navigate to Advanced tab and click on Settings button present under Performance section

system prop advanced tab

  • A new window pops up, here uncheck the option “Animate controls and elements inside windows” and select apply and hit OK

uncheck Animate controls and elements inside windows

  • Upon closing the performance window, Windows will immediately disable the Start Screen animation.

Next time when you switch between Start Screen and Desktop, you will find the transition is much faster than before.
The steps described above will not only disable the screen animation, but also will disable the moving glow animation which is shown in progress bars. You can also try disabling other animations too to improve Windows 8 performance.

Once the animation is turned off or disabled, the transition between Start Screen and Desktop will be faster or say Start Screen or Desktop are shown immediately without any delay.


Priyanka contributes to the Computer and Gadgets section on Techcular.

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