DISH Hopper is the Ultimate HD TVR for the Entire Family

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Prime time viewing has gone beyond the TV and extended to smartphones, PC tablets and the PC. DISH makes economical and convenient for the entire family to enjoy television from anywhere with its new technology, the Hopper. It is a total-home solution HD DVR that gives you the power to watch both live and recorded television from anywhere. There is no longer any need to get through those commercials on prime time TV. What makes this new unique HD DVR so special and different?

The Hopper allows you to catch up with all your favorite shows and sports by transforming your PC, tablet and smartphone into a portable TV. All that you need to do is to get the unique DISH Anywhere app and enjoy both live and recorded TV at any location, whether you are in the office, traveling or waiting at a place. The app would also let you manage your HD DVR for controlling its recordings or schedule from a remote location. Once you subscribe to DISH, the DISH Anywhere app comes along for free.


Whether you are traveling intercity or on a long journey by air, the Hopper can prove to be your relaxing and entertaining friend through the otherwise tiring trip. Spend the long hours watching recorded TV using the internet connectivity offered by Hopper Transfers. There is no longer any need to purchase the costly iTunes shoes or movies. Everything comes in your DISH package. The Hopper Transfer feature doesn’t require you to have internet connection when traveling. All you have to do is transfer all your DVR records to the iPad or other smart device using the free Hopper Transfers app. You can continue enjoying all these shows and movies during your journey.

When was the last time you could skip through the commercials during your favorite prime time shows? The DISH Hopper is your ideal HD DVR if you want to keep all those unwanted commercials at bay. It would also allow you to record half a dozen prime time shows. As the name suggests, the Hopper has a unique feature called ‘AutoHop’ that would let you instantly skip those unwanted commercials. There is no longer any need to get pass through the frustrations of wasting your valuable time watching the boring and useless commercials.

DVR conflict is one of the common troubles with traditional options. However, Hopper comes as a relief from this problem as it lets you record 6 different prime time shows. The Prime Time Anytime feature allows you to enjoy half a dozen shows during prime time TV on CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX without any conflicts whatsoever. Record and watch anytime you want and at your own pace.

There is no need to pay anything extra to get the Hopper because it comes for free with DISH. Coming to the price factor, the packages for DISH start at just $24.99/month for 12 months and with a commitment period of 24 months. These sophisticated features in Hopper make it the ultimate HD DVR solution for the complete family.

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