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Android phones are getting popular day by day with the Android based handset releases such as Motorola CLIQ, Motorola Droid and LG GW620. Developers are now working on making new Android based applications as Android OS users need various add-on options to customize their phones like iPhone and Symbian platforms. SLG Mobile, one of the popular mobile application developers have developed BeamReader PDF Viewer for Android platform. BeamReader for Android allows users to view and read PDF documents, PDF e-mail attachments. BeamReader features an advanced on-device PDF rendering technology which makes the application even better than the rest.

BeamReader PDF Viewer

Key Features of BeamReader PDF Viewer

  1. Fast full fidelity rendering
  2. Intuitive granular zoom and document navigation
  3. Support for all types of PDF documents such as scanned, faxed, schematics, etc
  4. View encrypted and password protected documents
  5. Make text search within the documents
  6. Support for bookmarks
  7. Support for embedded links
  8. Render actual fonts embedded in a PDF document
  9. View documents in it’s original fonts, images, and formatting

“Thirty thousand users cannot be wrong. Since we released BeamReader for Android to the Android Market only two weeks ago, that is how many users have already tried the software launching BeamReader to the top of the productivity category, with that number growing by the thousands every day. We are delighted to see the exceptional reviews that users have given BeamReader with some calling it the best PDF viewer ever.”, said David Shalamberidze, CTO of SLG Mobile.

SLG mobile is having discussions with various Android phone manufacturers to start using BeamReader PDF Viewer as a pre-installed application on all phones. If this happens, it will bring more functionality in Android phones.

Download BeamReader PDF Viewer

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  1. wayne long

    I purchased MyBackup but never got a code to open it. Perhaps my application was never completed. What can I do?

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