ChromePlus Browser – The Advanced Version of Google Chrome

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ChromePlus, a web browser that gives you the look and feel of Google Chrome but at the mean time it’s much more advanced and has got lots of enhanced  functionalities. With ChromePlus you get some really useful features such as Mouse gesture, Super drag, IE tab, etc that you miss in the Google Chrome. Being a open source product, it’s free and there is no usages limitations. All you get is a powerful web browser to access internet with enhanced features.


ChromePlus Features

1. Super Drag: Simply drag a link from any page, drop it on any blank space of the web page and it will open the link in a new tab. Similarly you can select a word and drag it on the address bar or any part of the web page to make a search on Google.

superdrag link

2. IE Tab: There are some websites that run in IE environment only and hence they don’t load or run properly with other browsers. In that case, simply use the IE tab option to open the page inside ChromePlus but within Internet Explorer environment.


3. Double Click to Close: Let’s say you have opened too many tabs and want to close few of them. Generally you locate the “X” mark and click on it to close tabs. But with ChromePlus, you can double click on the tab to close it.

Double Click to Close

4. Download Tools Support : If you are a download maniac, you would love this browser as you simply right click on a download link and it will pop up options to download the file using various download tools such as NetAnts, Orbit, QQ Xuanfeng, IS, FlashGet3, FlashGetMini, NetX, Webthunder, Xunlei etc. You need to install these programs on your system first and then they will be added to the right click context menu automatically.


5. Mouse Gestures: The Arrow Trace mouse gesture draws an arrow trace on the page while using the right mouse button. Practiced mouse gestures can save you quite a lot of time and are fun.

Mouse Gestures

Download ChromePlus

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  1. google chrome plus advance browser for all windows,very fast and supported for all internet downloading,thank you for go to click the downloading.

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