Download Aldiko Book Reader to open eBooks of any Format [Android]

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If you have an Android device, then you can easily read text files and PDFs on it. But what if you are having eBooks in ePub, lit, mobi, etc. formats? Aldiko Book Reader is a third-party software that helps you to open and read these kind of formats. You can buy eBooks from within this app. Select “Store” from the home screen in order to browse the eBook store.

aldiko book reader

Once you have installed Aldiko Book Reader, first copy some eBooks onto your SD Card. Make sure that files must be ePub or PDF. Now launch the app and you’ll see a wooden bookshelf with all your eBooks.

aldiko main

In order to add eBooks from your SD card into your Library, you need to select the home icon and then select SD card. After that scroll through your SD card and select the checkbox next to the eBook you would like to add. After checking the checkbox, select “Import to Aldiko (1)”.

aldiko addbook

Once the books are copied, go back to your Library. Change the view mode, in order to view your newly added books. For example you can change it to view “Books by title”. Just click on a book to read it. Finally Aldiko is a powerful eBook reader for Android devices.  You can free download it from the below link:

Download Aldiko Book Reader


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