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EScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security is the ideal antivirus software for its sophisticated technologies that are futuristic. There are number of such technologies to count on. They include Advanced Virus Control, eScan Security Network, MWL Technology, NILP Technology and DIRC Technology. All these technologies are difficult to find in other antivirus programs, and they are helpful in protecting one’s personal information by creating a safe environment for computing.

When it comes to installing eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security, it would require minimum 1GB space and a processor with minimal 1 GHz processing speed. It can work with almost all the leading Windows operating system packs starting from Windows 2000 Professional.


eScan has an advanced On-Demand scanner that is powered by Whitelisting Technology that delivers faster scanning for files, folders, services, registry, memory and all types of storage devices. It is sufficiently light not to lay any stress on the computer system or affect its speed.

The eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security keeps updating itself by gathering information from eScan participant users from around the globe. In other terms, the antivirus software remains updated about the latest and unidentified threats without having to wait for daily signature updates.  This is an entirely new form of update that makes this antivirus software unique.

The eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security user interface comes with a user-friendly graphical system that is designed for meeting the demands of new emerging technologies. Both beginner and expert users can take advantage of its intuitive user-interface.

eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security is a step ahead of the competition due it its new Advance Virus Control technology and refined Heuristics Algorithms. While other products can detect immediately released malware only after updating, eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security immediately detects the malware created by writers on a regular basis.


The new eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security is improved over its previous version in a number of ways. However, the most notable feature is the use of two-way firewall. The new firewall filters both outgoing and incoming network activities and keeps the system protected against any type of attacks over the network.

eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security was effective in removing almost all types of viruses when we tried installing and testing it on a infected system.

eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security is designed as a Home and Small Office Edition that provides security solutions for real-time protection for computer systems. The antivirus software protects against security threats and offensive content that cannot be determined by a home or small office user. It can tackle different types of threats including virus, spyware, keyloggers, adware, botnets, rootkits, spam, phishing and hackers.

There are many technical features of eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security including advanced anti-spam, USB Vaccination, automatic downloading of important Windows patches, a unique Rescue Mode, Real-Time protection and even remote support.

eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security is offered for 1 or 3 years for a single user. A single license for one year for one year will cost Rs. 1300 only, which sounds very reasonable. There is a 30-day trial version for testing the features of this sophisticated antivirus software.

eScan has a wider support system as the antivirus software maker has offices in a number of countries. They can be reached through email, phone, fax or toll-free number. The forum is also a good place to discuss one’s concerns and queries. The live chat support is available 24 by 7, as their offices remain staffed round the clock. I was amazed from their instant response, even at the dead of the night.

If anything else, I liked the unique feature of instant “updates” made by eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security. These are actually unlike the updates made by other antivirus programs because this involves gathering information from other participating eScan users from around the world. In addition, I also noticed that this antivirus software doesn’t consume all the memory on my computer. It would keep working and scanning without even letting me know that it was working. This is not the case with all the other antivirus software I have had used in the past.

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