Firefox 11 Beta now available for Windows, Mac & Linux

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Hey, the freshness of Firefox has finally reached. You must be wandering that just a few days back you got the Firefox 10 installed on your desktop or your Android devices, and the beta of Firefox 11 is out already? Yes, it’s true it look as if Mozilla are impelling the updates with a high speed of progress. In fact this new beta version of Firefox 11 seems to serve with certain updated integrity those please to you as if you are a lover of the foxy browser. Bearing in mind that this beta release has reached just after the release of Firefox version 10.0, it includes a few pretty considerable and noteworthy changes.

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You will find the one which is a most useful addition, such as the enclosure of add-on synchronization. It is the new sync features that facilitates with the ability to reflect any add-on fixings all of which you may have come across in various desktop machines. As previously you would have to go from end to end or the entire process manually for each and every set up. Now Firefox is on the stage to grasp a bit more, in view of browsers as you must be knowing that this improved sync skill was presented by Google Chrome that too for a little time, but if we get into account the realization matters then the Chrome has been ill with. So, most of the folks will be very delighted to see if Firefox presents this feature in a more stylish manner.

Listed below are the notes of the official Firefox beta 11 that carries a number of additional features along with the fixes and updates:

  • Now the Firefox can wander about your Bookmarks, Cookies and History from Google Chrome.
  • In the company of Sync Enabled, the add-ons can now be synchronized transversely in your computers.
  • The new update supports CSS text-size-adjust property.
  • HTML5 parser is now used on the View source syntax highlighting. (HTML5)
  • Now the outer HTML property is also supported on HTML elements. (HTML5)
  • It gets reintroduced with the media controls for HTML5 video playback. (FIXED)
  • Firefox notifications possibly will not work accurately with Growl 1.3 or later. (FIXED)

All the users out there might have distinguished that the upgrading method flawlessly crops up in the Google Chrome browser (background). And now this still update feature will also be included with the Firefox on Windows. As a bit of annoying User Account Control, Which needs permissions to access, now will only require approving access for a single time. This means after the first authorization gets granted then the updates will be handled without a glitch getting restart of the browser.

Apart from all the above mentioned features this latest beta version will also bring a support for web developers, thereby permitting them to portrait a full three dimensional good webpage in using the built-in page inspector 3D view. In case the used machine is friendly with WebGL then the 3D viewing of the page will serve a full new outlook on web page structure and make up. As a whole view, this new Firefox beta version serves a blending output of the desirable features that too with the carry of certain important bug fixes.

You can have a visit to the download page for Windows, Mac and Linux compatible versions, or you can also have the download links shown below and can even download Firefox 11 in standard English. You can Download Firefox 11 beta for Windows here, Download Firefox 11 beta for Mac and Download Firefox 11 beta for Linux.

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