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Most of the online music sites promise to give complete music info and entertainment. But most of them are similar and fails to give their best shot. Are looking for a good music site that has better music capabilities? If yes then give Prostopleer a try. It is simple yet excellent online music site that use simple HTTP. You don’t need to use additional software to download/capture music out there.


Some Key Features

  • Easy-to-use music service.
  • Instantly find and play songs online.
  • Lets you download songs.
  • Provides embeddable code for songs.
  • Plays music uninterrupted while you browse the site.
  • Offers popular playing controls, repeat and shuffle.
  • Songs can be shared and downloaded.

ProstoPleer lets you look for music and play it online. This free online media player is Flash-based. So to avail this service, you should have Adobe Flash installed. After that you can easily and quickly search for songs. The songs will appear at the top of the page, which you can play with a click.You can plays the songs while browsing the other pages.

ProstoPleer provides you embedded code and direct links for the songs that helps you download them with ease. Once downloaded, you can share it on Twitter. You can put the songs in a loop and shuffle them. You can create playlists and easily browse the site freely with your music being uninterrupted. Finally ProstoPleer is a very good online music player to find and play songs online.

Click Here to get started.


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