Upgrade Your Nokia Phone Firmware using Nokia Firmware Updater

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Unlike many mobile phone manufacturing companies, Nokia provides free firmware upgrades to make sure that it’s users are using the latest available technology. Normally new firmware updates come with latest bug fixes, new feature implementations, security updates, and enhanced stability to enhance user experience. Nokia releases firmware updates for most of it’s multimedia phones in regular intervals and you need to download and install them to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Nokia mobile phone.

Statistics say that iPhone users update their firmware frequently while Nokia phone users are far behind as more than 90% Nokia phone users are not even aware of firmware upgrade feature. In order to help it’s users, Nokia has released a new tool, called Nokia Firmware Updater or Nokia Software Updater. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your computer, connect your phone via USB drive and check for any new firmware upgrade availability.

Nokia Firmware Updater

Using Nokia Firmware Updater, you can backup all files from your phone, update to new firmware and then restore the files. During firmware upgradation, backing up files is very important as all files get deleted while the software updates the current firmware. If you have a backup copy of all your files, you can simply restore them as soon as your firmware upgrade is complete.

Nokia Software Updater is compatible with Windows XP and Vista only. Windows 7 compatible version might get released soon.

Download Nokia Firmware Updater

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