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PopCap games has brought it’s new exciting PC game Plants Vs Zombies. Plants Vs Zombies is an action game that promises to keep you glued with better graphics, sounds, game levels and addiction. This action strategy game is for all age group people and compatible with both PC and Mac. PopCap games has already gathered it’s loyal game players with constant development and Plants Vs Zombies is just an new addition to it’s action games for PC.

plants vs zombies pc game download

Plants Vs. Zombies Action Game key Features

  1. Different playing modes with different level of difficulties
  2. Various game levels like Adventure, Survival, Puzzle, Zen Garden and Mini-Game Challenges
  3. Up to 50 levels of adventure mode with limitless replay ability
  4. Various types of Zombie including back-from-the-dead miners, businessmen, foot players etc
  5. Suburban almanac to track your progress and displays complete statistics
  6. Crazy Dave’s trunk-o’-the-car shop to purchase special ‘power plants’ and other zombie-exterminating tools
  7. Exciting graphics and animations for better playing pleasure

New Plants Vs Zombies action game with various tricks and cheat codes is now available for download. You can play this action strategy game from PopCap games on your PC or Mac.

Download Plants Vs. Zombies Free

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115 Comments to Download PopCap’s Plants Vs. Zombies Action Game

  1. All my friend's have this game, please send it to me, I really like it, I played the trial version anyways. Send please

  2. this game is wonderfull…

    my little bro. and me wants to play the full version..

    can you plsss send me the full version for windows..

    thanks and god bless…

  3. Hey I've played the demo, and I would really appreciate it if you could send me the full version of the game please. Thanks much!:)

  4. Hi..please send me the key for the game 'Plants versus Zombies' girlfriend and i really love that game so much..hope we can play the full version of it..thanks a lot..

  5. plz, i need this game!!!! i'll be depressed if i can't play it!!!!!! gimme full version, i'll forever be indebted to ya!

  6. i really, really like the plants vs. zombie game. could you please send me the full version for windows of it? i would so appreciate it. thanks and merry Christmas!

  7. I'm not sure if you'll even notice me, but it would be absolutely amazing if you could send me the full version. Haha, it sucks you're getting spammed like this :p.

  8. Hi.! Can you send it to me the full version of this game?? It's Nice!

    Also the REGISTRATION KEY please..


  9. can u send me an activation code for plants and zombies full version game, thank u, game add-on for my relaxation period.

  10. please send me full windows version this game,,,

    love this game… so need this game in full version

  11. Can you please send me the full mac version with registration code (: please

    Love the Game its Awesome!!!

  12. can u just please send me the full mac version with registration code ,please,please, please … ;]]

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