Download TinyUmbrella 4.21.01 for Mac, Windows and Linux

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TinyUmbrella version 4.21.01 is released for Mac, Windows and Linux. TinyUmbrella 4.21.01 is the new updated version which comes with support for iOS 4.2.1. TinyUmbrella 4.21.01 will work with iphone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV 2G and allows you to save SHSH blobs from compatible hardware using which you can upgrade your iOS version while maintaining older versions of baseband. If you want to want to unlock your iPhone then you must save your existing iOS 4.1 shsh blobs before updating to iOS 4.2.1.

tinyumbrella 4.21.01

According to the developer of TinyUmbrella,

Do not update to 4.2.1 for the baseband protection. TinyUmbrella is no longer able to kick you out of recovery for that version. TinyUmbrella still works for prior versions and will be able to restore and kick you out of recovery for those versions but 4.2.1 has a baseband version check that will stop your device from booting if your baseband was not updated.

Click here to download TinyUmbrella 4.21.01 for Mac. Click here to download TinyUmbrella 4.21.01 for Windows. Click here to download TinyUmbrella 4.21.01 for Linux. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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