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Everyone are much more concerned about their IP address privacy now a days. Revealing your IP address details might lead to several unpleasant incidents. When you download torrent files using any bittorrent client, you expose your Ip address to everyone. All torrent clients show your IP address as seeder or peer upon asked. So, here is the trick to hide your Ip address while downloading torrent files and download torrent files anonymously.

BitBlinder is an open-source product that encrypts your IP address and then connects to the torrent tracker. All torrent packets are transferred using secure connection and there is no way to catch your actual IP address from those seeder and peers list. This anonymous torrent downloading tool users TOR networking to initiate file transfer process among all torrent clients.

bitblinder anonymous torrent file download

BitBlinder is a complete secure access provider that encrypts all your actions. It comes with a torrent client to download torrent files anonymously and a web browser that allows you to surf websites anonymously. You leave no hint and do everything secretly.

To use this anonymous torrent client, you need to register for an account with them. Then proceed to download BitBlinder. Remember that all file transfers involved during torrents download takes place via BitBlinder and hence you need to maintain a 1:1 ratio to use it without any trouble. During sign up they provide you 9GB free download limit, but then you have to seed to download files further. [via]

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  1. There are pros and cons of BitBlinder.. the only thing which I don't like is the 9GB limit. It shows that in the future, to avoid getting this seeding.. you need to pay. I was testing TOR, BitBlinder and RiccoVPN. Those 3 candidates for best solution but all of them are limited in some ways.. The best so far is Polish RiccoVPN and BitBlinder..

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