Download Ultrasnow (Ultrasn0w) 0.9 to Unlock iPhone 3GS, 3G OS

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iPhone Dev Team are back in action with their new iPhone unlocking tool called Ultrasnow 0.9 or Ultrasn0w 0.9 and this tool works perfectly with iPhone 3GS and 3G OS phones. Ultrasn0w 0.9 is the latest upgraded version of famous iPhone unlocking tool Ultrasnow. Like Redsnow 0.8 Jailbreaking tool, Dev Team fixed several old bugs in this updated version of Ultrasn0w. You can download Ultransnow 0.9 and unlock your iPhone devices easily.

ultrasn0w 0.9

Key Specifications of Ultrasnow 0.9

  1. Works on both Apple iPhone 3Gs and 3G
  2. Compatible with Redsn0w jailbreaking tool
  3. Works as standalone tool without installing any daemon
  4. Small sized tool in comparison to similar tools
  5. Available via Cydia
  6. Works on previously jaikbreaked iPhones

To download Ultrasn0w, add this to Cydia and then you can either make a fresh install or upgrade from previous Ultrasnow versions.

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6 Comments to Download Ultrasnow (Ultrasn0w) 0.9 to Unlock iPhone 3GS, 3G OS

  1. herold jerome

    i'm stuck with my iphone 3g that was unlock and i've lent it to my girl so she'd update it by mistake and i can't find the propert firmware to fix the matter,please give me the right firmware?

  2. Hi, I have some real problem with my iphone 3Gs, somethin happend and now when its on all the icones are just zoomed by itself, need HELP plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • menda2hot

      speaking of jailbreak n Unlocking

      jailbreak if done on 3G 3.1.2 firmware, (5.11.07) by redsnow (successfully)

      the unlocking procedure is not successful with Blackra1n.

      i c a lot of forums posting on cydia doing it. in cydia to enter

      but for this to work u need network connection. the reason for UNLOCKING is network.

      plz somebody guide me through.

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