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Rapidshare and Megaupload are two of the biggest file hosting sites available today. But we should not forget that there are a lots of other file sharing and hosting sites available that we use to download files. I have previously posted Rapidshare unlimited files downloader and Megaupload unlimited files downloader. But here is the downloader tool to download unlimited files from sites like HotFile, MediaFire, 4Shared, ZShare, Easy-Share etc and it’s RDesc downloader. Using RDesc file downloader, you can download multiple and unlimited files from a lots of file sharing sites.

RDesc file Downloader

Key Features of RDesc Downloader

  • Download unlimited files from several file hosting sites
  • Grab all download links from a web page and queue them for download using bulk link adding feature
  • Automatic router reconnection to generate new IP addresses to bypass download limits
  • Bypass captcha (word verification) processes
  • Complete download details and log file
  • Download progress bar with estimated time details

RDesc file downloader is available in Spanish language only, but it’s easy interface will make it easy to use even if you don’t know Spanish language. You need to have Microsoft Framework 3.5 installed on your system in order to use this.

Now you don’t have to wait for more time to download files. Bypass captcha settings and download multiple files from ZShare, MediaFire, HotFile, Easy-Share and 4Shared at a time by resetting and auto generating IP address.

Download RDesc file downloader [via]

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24 Comments to Download Files from ZShare, Mediafire, HotFile, 4Shared, Easy-Share with RDesc Downloader

  1. Rdesc 2.19 worked well with but not made some changes and Rdesc need to release the next upgrade to overcome this.

    RDesc is the best downloader for and I hope that the next version will solve problem.

  2. "not working?"

    Make sure to install in the default directory. I'm on vista and I changed it and rec'ed errors.

    Good little program! lots of nice features. Virus free. Thnx.

  3. Bypass Captcha for Hotfile does NOT work ! You have to fill in manually for every link !

    This is confirmed by the creator of Rdesc, this is his answer (in Spanish) I received today :

    Hola, el captcha que utiliza actualmente Hotfile (sistema Re-Captcha) es imposible de reconocer por ningún programa, por eso pide que se introduzcan manualmente las letras en cada link. Un saludo.

  4. nisarg_kap85

    how to use RECONNECTOR in RDesc for downloading from as a free user and bypassing downloading limits and wait time?

  5. I tried hotfile to see if it was worth it to use. I Tried it to decide if I wanted to join Premium. I knew the download would take longer & I thought your downloads were guaranteed to not contain any virus but the only thing that downloaded were: Trojan horse Dropper.Amokjoin.A Trojan horse TrojanDropper.AmokJoiner hydra-5.4-winhydra.exe

    Needless to say I won't be paying for a premium service if this is the result of one download.

    Just thought you should know since this could happen to anyone trying hotfile.

    • @ Daruma: Sorry to know that, it was an unfortunate incident. Not all downloads contain virus or similar harmful files, so it's strongly recommended to use an updated anti-virus system. By the way, which file were you trying to download?

    • dnt be afraid of virus. not only hotfile but google search results. so then are u going to stop search frm the biggest search engine???? Best thing is to use good up-to-date virus gard. u cant stop virus.

  6. About Hotfile

    I am Premium for several months and I joined the affiliation program almost immediately. It seemed quite profitable.

    After some weeks I had some doubts on counting dowloads they made and I made some checks.

    With the help of some friends I asked them to do some targeted dowloads on 100 files uploaded by me.

    Result? about 753 dowloads played completely (with some Premium and Freed accounts) Hotfile has counted only 63!!

    I wrote to their "customer service" ( and I received a reply from a different e-mail address (

    I was told that there was no bug in their system but obviously I was wrong.

    I have proceeded to send to that address (and knowledge to the "official") the procedure to what I stated, adding all the reports, the username downloaders

    date and time of downloads and the IP of the downloaders.

    Answer? NONE.

    I resent the same email at least 15 times during last 20 days. NO ANSWERS AT ALL. And the number of dowloads remained almost unchanged, despite the same files continue to be discharged today.

    I also got to confront with some other uploaders. They have confirmed the same experiences.


    Stay away by HotFile and choose some more serious hosts!

  7. Designer

    Great tool! Thank you Bapun for sharing.It’s really helps to speed up the routine process.

    But among all of these hosting sites I prefer 4shared and they have Desktop tool, which helps a lot to manage multiple file uploads.

  8. hey i am a noob at this and would any1be able to tel me where i can find a place where i can download movies and tv shows for free and not have to pay even for membership because there has to be a way.

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