Download Way2SMS Desktop SMS Client to Send Free Messages to India

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If you were using various websites to send free messages to any mobile number India, you can make the process more easier by downloading a free desktop client to send SMS. Way2SMS, one of the most popular internet messaging websites has launched a free desktop SMS client to send free messages to any Indian mobile number. This utility also supports group messaging where you can send the same text message to a group of people, at a time.

Free Desktop SMS Client

This utility has been coded in C# language and hence you need to have Microsoft. NET framework installed on your computer for this sms client to work. You can use your existing Way2SMS account details to login and send free text messages or group text messages free to your friends in India.

Download Way2SMS Desktop Client

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11 Comments to Download Way2SMS Desktop SMS Client to Send Free Messages to India

  1. I think way2sms is selling our numbers to advertisers. Once I joined way2sms, I have started getting all different types of sms marketing messages. I think there are better options then way2sms so I am heading towards that.

  2. Hey I know c#language cN u tel me how u coded this thing ??

    If u can send me some code can u plz help me ???

  3. Proxy address is your organization proxy. please check within Tools ->Internet Option –> Connection Tab –> Lan Settings

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