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windows 7 themeYou can get Windows 7 look on your Windows XP installation by installing Windows 7 transformation pack. Since transformation packs use a bit more system resources and there is a chance of file corruption, people love to get the desired looks by using themes. Yes, there are themes available for Windows XP to get Windows 7 look. The theme will give you a whole new Windows 7 look and feel on your windows XP. You can change this theme from your desktop menu anytime, if you don’t find it appealing.

First things first. Have you patched your uxtheme.dll? Patching this file will allow you to run any third party graphic themes. If you have not patched it yet, download the patch from the following locations and patch it first. There are two different patches for XP service pack 2 and XP service pack 3. Choose your patches accordingly.

HELP : Right click on your My Computer icon and check properties to find out your XP version.

XP SP2 Users : Download Patch Here

XP SP3 Users : Download Patch Here

Now your windows XP installation will support all theme installations. Lets move ahead with our Windows 7 theme installation. Follow the below steps.

windows 7 theme with superbar

  1. Download WIndows 7 Refresh Theme for Windows XP.
  2. It’s a ZIP file. Extract it’s contents using WinZip.
  3. The folder is having three folders in it. Fonts, Styler Toolbar and Themes.
    1. Fonts : This folder contains all necessary fonts for Windows 7 theme. Install them by double clicking on Fonts.exe.
    2. Styler Toolbar : This will create the Windows 7 toolbar on your system.
    3. Themes : This folder is having the themes inside it. Run Theme.exe to install themes.
  4. Go to your desktop, right click there and choose the theme to activate Windows 7 theme.
  5. You are done.

Remember that this theme is having 4 sub styles. Aero 32, Aero 48, Bottom 32 and Bottom 48. Aero 32 and Bottom 32 provides small icons while Aero 48 and Bottom 48 displays larger icons. choose those options accroding to your display and monitor size.

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