Dr. Seuss Apps Available for Android Smart Phones

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Dr. Seuss is a famous American writer come cartoonist, and you will be pleased to know that two Dr. Seuss apps have arrived in the Android Market. Now both “The Cat in the Hat,” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas?” are available for $3.99 each. This Christmas, Android smart phones will be Grinch powered!


The apps can also be used for educational purposes with customizable music, special effects, and audio. You can use the apps either by read along, having the app talk to you or by auto-play. When you touch your Android screen, the words flash up in front of you. The apps can be moved in to the SD card, which frees up space and reduce Android memory issues. But those who do not have the Froyo OS upgrade, the app’s size may be a problem.

The two Dr. Seuss apps are already popular on Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad, and is produced by Oceanhouse Media. The apps are also available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Archos 5. More Oceanhouse Media catalog will be available on Android devices and it would help the little ones to develop their reading skills.


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