How to Enable Flash on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch without Jailbreak

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Currently there is no way to enable Flash on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, even after the jailbreak. Since Apple has been denying flash from the beginning, it’s not coming to iDevices in near future either. But here is one iPhone app, CloudBrowse, that allows the Apple device users to browse full Flash-enabled websites via a shared web browser on a remote server.

CloudBrowse app

CloudBrowse is not as advanced as Skyfire for Android and Windows phones, but it works like magic. When you open a website with Flash contents on your iDevice, it processes the Flash contents on on an off-site CloudBrowse server which then displays the Flash content in a format that your iDevice is capable of displaying.

CloudBrowse runs a shared version of Mozilla Firefox instance on a remote computer to do the trick.

Download CloudBrowse

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