Enable or Disable Do Not Track Feature on Internet Explorer 10

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Microsoft has embedded many new features on Windows 8; one of them is the Internet Explorer 10. IE 10 is more advanced than the earlier version and provides better security while browsing with the feature named Do Not Track. Now, it has a built-in player for Adobe Flash content along with full support for HTML 5. Follow the tutorial how to enable and disable Do Not Track in IE 10.

enable or disable do not track ie 10

Do Not Track is the major variation made in IE 10. This feature is developed to provide better security to the users while browsing the web by blocking sites from collecting data and browsing information. Do Not Track header functions by sending signal to websites regarding not to track your visit to that website or collect any information from tracking your browsing on the web.

This feature gets enabled by default on installing Windows 8. Do Not Track feature is criticized by many advertising sectors as this may ruin their turnover as this will prevent Ads and many other pop-ups, etc. which are the secondary ways to make money for some companies. Some malicious and fraudulent Ads are also prevailing on web, to prevent them Do not Track feature is essential.

Upon the installation of Windows 8 OS, if you select the express settings, the Do not track feature is enabled by default. But this feature can be easily disabled from Settings. You can also configure it by adding the personalized list. Follow the steps given below to disable or enable Do No track feature in IE 10.

Disable/ Enable Do No track in IE 10

  • Open Internet Explorer 10
  • Click on Settings icon and select Internet Options

do not track ie 10 internet options

  • In the Internet options window, select the Advanced tab and drill down to Security settings
  • Look for the option Always send Do Not Track header. If this option is checked, then Do No track feature is enabled. Uncheck the box and save the settings to disable it.

If the feature is enabled and you want to have personalized settings for Do Not Track, again go to settings and then select Safety, then Tracking Protection. You can also enable your personalized list and add websites which you don’t prefer to track you.

ie 10 settings
Upon selecting Automatically Block, IE10 will block the websites automatically.

do not track manage

On enabling Do Not Track feature you may not be able to see any advertisements at on the specific websites. If you are troubled or irritated by the pop-ups and Ads while browsing, then enabling the feature Do No track on your Windows 8 computer help you get rid of those malicious or non-malicious website pop-ups and Advertisement.


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