Enable Quiet Hours to Control Notifications in Windows 8.1

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We all are aware about Microsoft launching Windows 8.1 this October. The beta updates for preview version are already available. Microsoft has introduced many new features that were missing from Windows 8 like start menu button, Quiet Hours feature to silent the notifications. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to enable the Quiet Hours function in Windows 8.1.

windows 8.1 turn on quiet hours

In Windows 8 we have come across the notifications feature that enables you or say notifies you whenever you have new messages, calendar events or email. This feature helps in notifying and is useful when you are using Windows 8 phone. But it also had a demerit like you can either turn off notifications for a few short ours or completely turn them off. To get rid of this flaw Microsoft has added another option called Quiet Hours.

This feature will automatically resume the notifications at the set time. Unlike Windows 8 you don’t have to either turn off the notifications for a few short hours or completely turn them off, you can schedule a time when the notifications should be displayed or enabled and when it shouldn’t.

Often many users don’t want the notifications to be activated or notified every now and then or completely turn off the feature. So, Microsoft has added this feature called Quiet Hours to let you decide when you wanted the notifications to be displayed or appear or hide. Using this feature your Windows 8.1 operated device won’t make any noise or light up the device when in sleep mode upon receiving notifications. You can control the settings over when you wanted you notification to appear or say the notifications will be restored automatically once the quiet hours are over.

Steps To Enable Quiet Hours in Windows 8.1

Enabling quiet hours means to Silence all the Notifications. Here is how you can enable the Quiet Hours in Windows 8.1.

  • Press Win + C or move the cursor on the right screen to open Charms menu
  • Click on the gear icon that will open the Settings menu
  • Next, click to open Change PC Settings located at the bottom right corner of the screen

pc settings

  • To the left you can see Search and Apps tab, select it
  • Next, open Notifications and navigate to the Quiet Hours section

quite hours set

  • Here you can schedule the feature i.e. set time when it should be active and when it shouldn’t be.

Once you are done with scheduling the quiet hours the changes are saved. So, from now onwards whenever you feel like turning off the notifications temporarily or active the notifications you can make use of the Quiet Hours feature in Windows 8.1.

As discussed by the source site , hope the steps described here help you to set the quiet hours or silence your notifications or automate the notification when to turn off or when to be active in Windows 8.1 in order to control the notifications.


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