Enable & Set 4-digit PIN (Password) to login to Windows 8

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Windows 8 has improved in terms of system security. You might have come across the lock screen which needs a password to unlock it. It has also included a feature using which you can login to your Windows account simply using a 4-digit PIN. The tutorial here will let you know how to use pin to login to Windows 8 user account.

Enable Set PIN to login Windows 8Windows 8 allows you to set a login password but also lets you to sign-in using a 4 digit PIN that can be really useful where your normal login password seems to be complicated to type using virtual keyboard in a tablet or Smartphone. A PIN is a 4 digit code consisting of only numbers, no alphabets or special characters or symbols. But note that while using the 4 digit PIN in tabs you might leave behind fingerprints or smudges that can help strangers or hackers to detect your password as there are around 10,000 combinations that can be formed using 4 digits PIN.

Therefore, it is advised beforehand to use this feature if necessary or only for limited periods of time.

In Windows Domain, by default PIN to login user account is disabled.

Steps to Enable and use 4 digit PIN in Windows 8

  • In order to enable 4 PIN password, in the start screen search or type pin and then click on the Settings charms from the charms bar and then to change PC settings

change pc settings

  • From the search results, select Create or change PIN option to open the User Settings screen


  • In the window that opens, click on the Create a PIN button

sign in options

  • Now, you will be prompted to confirm the password for the current account which you are configuring now to use a 4 digit PIN.

create confirm PIN

  • Type the password for the current account you are logged to and hit OK button

create pin

  • Next, a screen pops out where you are required to create the PIN that is to be used to login to your account
  • While creating 4 digit PIN you will be required to enter the same number twice. You need to create your PIN by entering the same 4 digit PIN in each of the fields
  • Having entered your PIN, click on the Finish button.

Once you have completed all the steps, your PIN to login user account will be activated and can be used readily whenever you want login to Windows 8.

pin sign in

In case you forget or lose your PIN, simply click on the Sign-in options link and click on the key icon. By doing this you are back to normal textual password prompt and here you can simply login using your normal password to login.

To undo or remove the PIN, go to User settings screen and click on the Remove button there.
So, now when you are using your Windows 8 account in tabs or Smartphone’s you can use the a 4-digit PIN to login.


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