Enable/Disable Location sensing in windows 8

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Nowadays, every gadget accommodates location sensing App which is useful to discover your geographical location over the Internet. This is a privacy feature is found in Smartphone, ultra books, email service along with every Internet browser in mode of Do Not Track. All the latest gadgets supports Location Sensing feature on the windows 8 openly. However, many users out there want to disable the location sensing feature in Windows 8.

Enable Disable location sensing windows 8

If you like locating yourself over internet, then location sensor will be an useful feature to you. However, there are users who doesn’t want these feature to be enabled on their system.

The Windows Sensor and Location platform comprises of a driver component and a client component. Windows 8 platform includes many new features for instance; the location sensing service utilizes WiFi and IP triangulation to provide accurate geographical location data. This feature serves best with a Wi-Fi enabled PC or laptop.

Location sensing feature enables user to discover their geographical location over Internet. The location stand sensing services allows various features to the integrated hardware devices like Wi-Fi or wireless modem in windows 8 to explain genuine location details. This feature is also compatible to IP connection (3G or broadband modem) too.

Follow the tutorial to know the instructions of enabling or disabling location sensing in Windows 8.

  • Enable Windows location in windows 8
  • Launch Power task panel by pressing Windows key + X

control panel search start screen

  • Open the Control panel and go to location settings option

location settings win 8

  • Under the settings window, check the box alongside the option Turn on the Windows location Platform

turn on windows location platform win8

  • Finally, click the Apply option at the bottom to take effects new settings

Upon successful completion of the steps described above you can enable location sensing feature on windows 8 system. To disable location sensing feature, simply uncheck the Turn on the Windows location Platform box which was checked in the steps described above.


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