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Have you ever imagined about running Android Apps without having Android Phone or Tab? Many users out there who don’t have Android must be really wishing to use the Apps on their Windows 8. Android has included more than half a million apps listed in the Google Play store categorized under many sectors, which includes games as well. But these Apps are useless if you don’t have an Android OS phone or Tab. More interestingly you can now run all the Android Apps on your Windows 8 OS. Here is the tutorial for how you can run Android Apps on your Windows 8 operated platform.

android on windows 8 bluestacks

Running Android Apps on Windows 8 device is possible with Bluestacks. Earlier it was in alpha stage and was released for Windows 7 OS, but now it is available for download and you can install it on your Windows 8, especially with the Pro tablets like Surface Pro.


Bluestacks is a freeware that runs all your favorite mobile apps on PC and Mac. You just need to download it and start the installation process. It has a user friendly interface that makes the installation process very simple and easy. Once the installation is complete, it starts to run full screen on your monitor and you get to see the Android play store.

Bluestacks android apps

Now, you can search for any app you wish to run and install them. To install and start using all the Apps on your system, you need to create a Google account.

Many users have reported that the apps runs fine on Windows 8 and worked without any lag. Initially the Apps run in full screen mode, but later you can change it from the settings.

Unless the app is an optimized one for landscape mode, it won’t run properly on Windows 8 platform. Overall, we can conclude that Bluestacks has made it possible to bring all the Android apps to Windows 8.

Now, users don’t have to wait to have an Android device to enjoy all the Apps as Bluestacks has made it possible to run the Android Apps on Windows 8.


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