Extend Displays to Dual Monitors with Windows 8

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With the advent of Windows 8 the expectation of users of has also grown. Microsoft has brought out many changes to the new OS as comparison to the earlier versions. Setting up Windows 8 in dual monitors is one of the advanced features added by Microsoft. With Windows 8 you can extend the screen into multiple monitors. Here is the tutorial how you can setup Multiple Monitor in Windows 8.

setup dual monitors with windows8
With multiple monitors you can manage your work easily like putting your email, chat, and Web browser on a secondary display while working on some important documents on the primary one. This not only increases productivity but also amplifies your ability to get work done easily.

Although this feature was available with Windows 7, but in Windows 8 Microsoft has taken it to the next level. A dual monitor setup allows you to do the activities listed below

  • Open new Start screen from either of the monitor
  • Access the Charms bar on both the monitor
  • Split screen or extended screen in Windows 8 app on either screen
  • Both the monitors have the same taskbar and apps
  • You can access with an app in desktop mode while using a Windows 8 app on the other screen

dual monitor setup

Steps to Setup Dual Monitors in Windows 8

Connecting a second monitor to your Windows 8 PC and adjust a few settings to achieve the ultimate dual-interface Windows 8 experience.

  • Press Windows key+P to bring up the second screen metro bar

select extend win8

  • Next, select Extend options. This will stretch the desktop wallpaper
  • Now, right click on the primary monitor and change settings by clicking on the screen resolution
  • In the screen resolution window check the Multiple Display options and set it to extend this displays mode to have the access the same windows 8 in both the monitors.

screen resolution extend displays


Upon completion of the steps described above you have successfully setup the windows 8 in dual monitors. Now, whenever you move your mouse you can see that you can reach out to both the monitors and access all the apps in the computers on different monitors.


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