How to Extract and Explore an iOS App in Mac OS X [Tutorial]

Do you want to extract and explore an iOS app in Mac OS X? Well, After extracting an iOS app you will be able to browse other application package. If you want to know how to extract and explore an iOS app in Mac OS X then simply follow the step by step instructions posted below using which you will be able to extract and explore an iOS app in your Mac OS X.



STEP 1. First you have to start iTunes and then click on “Apps”.

STEP 2. Now choose the app you wish to extract and right-click on it, then click on “Show in Finder”.

STEP 3. In the Finder, You’ll see an .ipa file, simply copy this file to the desktop.

STEP 4. Now you have to rename the .ipa file extension to .zip, then click on “Use .Zip” to confirm the .zip extension.

Rename file extension

STEP 5. To extract it’s contents, simply double click on the .zip file.

STEP 6. Now open the newly extracted directory and then click on “Payload” to open it.

STEP 7. Now right click on the app name and then click on “Show Package Contents”.

That’s it. Now the contents of the iOS app will be explored. In this way you can extract and explore an iOS app in Mac OS X. If you found any difficulty in following the above steps then feel free to ask in the comment section below. [Via]

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