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It has become essential to have a good cover photo in order to woo your Facebook fans. Everyone is becoming conscious over this aspect ever since Facebook has introduced timeline. Individuals can show off their attitude and taste through these photos while companies or brands can make wise use of this aspect to create a good visual impact. If you have a FB Fan page for your brand, then you must ensure that your cover photo conveys brand’s message. Here are few tips to get your cover photo done right.

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Make Effective use of Billboard

Facebook Cover photos are to be in the size of 851 x 315 pixels. You can make it very much attractive and can compel your visitors to turn in to your fans. The secret lies in making the best use of this billboard, a new feature from Facebook. Take the instance of Dove, it has got simple yet interesting billboard which makes every women to become its fans.

Feeling Profile Pic as too Small?

If you feel profile pic space is too small to show off your idea or if you can’t convey your brand’s message through this small pic, then you must make use of cover photo to do it. It can be used as main visual message, given its bigger space. You can update your cover photo based on the latest events and activities of your brand. Be consistent in posting cover photos and to update it.

Remember, Clean & Simple Photos can be Powerful

Don’t stuff everything in your cover photo, with an impression that you need to convey everything through it. This photo needs to be clean and simple in order to look more appealing. Better the concise of your cover photo, better will be the response. Having wrong kind of cover photo may create a bad impression on your brand and can send wrong messages even. So be much careful while selecting these photos and ensure to communicate powerful message through it. Then only, the actual purpose of cover photo will be met.

Simple Facebook Cover Image

For instance, if you are having a pizza corner or restaurant, you can add the image of a pizza or burger with brand colors in the background. Make sure to have a simple yet powerful message. It can be your brand’s caption or tag line.

Try to Engage your Fans

Design your cover photos in such a way that they can be used for engaging your fans. This is the most important thing to be kept in mind while designing the cover photo. Make sure to get professional help in designing these photos. And, make changes to these photos until you feel that you are getting maximum responses.

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Try to Experiment and See the Results

Try to experiment with different cover photos and see the results of each of them. You will surely find that the response and fans’ engagement for different cover photos will be different. So, understand the preferences of your fans this way and implement the most responsive and most engaging cover photo, which conveys your brands’ message effectively.

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