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‘Timeline’ which is the most recent feature of Facebook is now in fame. The Facebook Timeline got set up few months back in the Facebook Conference, F8 and it is commonly an entire renovation of the FB profile page. This lets you to view your status updates in a list sorted by time and also in a complete new look so as the name.

This is the way that lets you to present or introduce yourself in a complete new approach though graphic aside from the photo in your profile, and this innovative creation is known as the Timeline Cover. Do you know what all you can anticipate from this? A huge mass of ‘’Facebook Addicts’’ seek for some or the other creativity for an artistic presentation with their latest timeline cover and this to generate publicity all over the web.

techcular timeline cover

Here we have showcased numbers of fabulous and superb creative timeline covers which is going to inspire you with some surprising creativity or else some of it is just going to make you burst out into laughter. So, be creative and design your own Timeline Cover according to your desire that too with great perfection. So, read on ahead and have fun creating your own!

Aly Moffatt: This is the one with a creative photo along with creative usage. If you suddenly look at this cover you’ll be puzzled about what is happening in her status page however after having a glance at her profile page or the timeline page you’ll surely get stunned.

aly moffatt

Andrew Grojean: Don’t get surprised. It is a timeline cover which is representing a clear and entertaining trick! So, what is running in your mind to have a cover of yours as this?

andrew grojean

Antonio Fadda: Great! This cover page has a dazzling blend of the profile photo along with the timeline cover. Really, amazing creativity!

antonio fadda

Delphin Hauchard: This one is the best way to represent best instants of life as this cover has a brilliantly managed profile photo as well as the cover page as timeline.

delphin hauchard

Emanuele Bartolomucci: The timeline cover has a smooth and glossy look and it is one of the best ways to publicize the feature of timeline as well as the owner of the profile.

emanuele bartolomucci

Dustin Thaxton: This cover page is to illustrate about a specific flash of life and even as you can add a little of the creativity resembling to the Photoshop to your timeline cover and there appears a total new timeline cover along with the precious instants of life which will be stick into it.

dustin thaxton

Eyal Shahar: It is the finest idea among the others to publicize your designs and creativity that encourages work and is known as the Fake 3D. Would you like to have one as this? Get yourself creative with this inspiration.

eyal shahar

Eduardo Calvo: What I liked the most about this particular cover is that according to my views anyone will desire to have as the same like this for their own profile. Isn’t it! It’s really very unique and has a wow factor as well.

eduardo calvo

Fabio Maravilla: With the show up of this cover the maker of it has tried to put its best in carving out a clear and complete way and has glued a pretty pic in the profile.

fabio maravilla

Enk Shahbaz Mehdi: This cover is quite impressive with a clean look and enough white space. This is one of the one that appears as a professional creativity.

enk shahbaz mehdi

Florim I. Qerimi: Just look at the page. It pretends as a sort of hypnotism is going on. Isn’t it! But nothing like that and this page is also put on with the good creativity and uniqueness.

florim i qerimi

Gianmarco Carrieri: This page is an effortless one but has a good amalgamation of both the profile picture and the timeline cover. It is quite a good one.

gianmarco carrieri

Oliver Alexander: This cover page can be intended as a good joke. But it also has some unique creativity.

oliver alexander

Menteş Nihat Baran: With this design of page he has stated about how he is snooping to touch the finger of God. You can also design some other page by putting anything you are curious about.

mentes nihat baran

Helbert Campos: What can be something more impressive than this mishmash stating the difference between the real life photo and cartoonist graphic? Look at the shadow of the maker which is made in the profile photo. Amazing creativity.

helbert campos

Jessica Barnard: Hey, it’s a unique one to have it as a cover. You must try for it.

jessica barnard

Robert Falken: It appears to be as simpler but with the help of the cloud the maker has tried to express its message to others. One of the valued one you can have as your cover.

robert falken

Lanfranco Nantele: Ha ha! Here jumps another cover page with the cloud messaging pattern but the difference is that here the presentation is somewhat more artistic than the previous one.

lanfranco nantele

Giuseppe Draicchio: How does it look like? Yes, the owner of this page is getting in touch with the celestial creature. It is very innovative.

giuseppe draicchio

Manoj Varghese Mathew: If your are feeling bored to make out something as a creative one then just draw anything that comes to your mind and you’ll have a highly creative cover page of your own.

manoj varghese mathew

Jeremy Bronson: Oh my God! Whose head is this? It is so big.

jeremy bronson

Jerome Vadon: This is the way in which you can represent yourself in a very new way with a lustrous backdrop along with some amazing fonts.

jerome vadon

Johnny Gigantic: The profile picture in the page doesn’t reveal any specific meaning but otherwise it’s a genius one. Here the maker has put some really amazing ideas.

johnny gigantic

Jorgen Broms: A very serious profile photo has been inserted in this cover which is not so excellent but the maker has used up a good trick to have a new innovation.

jorgen broms

Richard Kårstrom: In this timeline cover you can see someone coming from it. It appears as the pile up of ladders in which the guy is stepping in. Great job.

richard karstrom

Rudolfo Nobre: Search out for the chemistry between the timeline cover and the profile photo. Interesting part.

rudolfo nobre

Kay Int Veen: In this the maker of it has used up the Polaroid-style picture to get himself introduced. In fact the latest feature of Facebook which is the Timeline exactly is a practical paper in which youy can figure out that how much creative you are?

kay int veen

Leo Lee: Just assume that what the maker of it has pretended with its creativity? Make your profile photo in the form of an icon.

leo lee

Scott Lamb: A really creative one. I just love it.

scott lamb

Ori Hasson: A classic game always makes the people astonished.

ori hasson

Tom Lambie: As like all the above ones this one also seems very creative.

tom lambie

Louise Lundberg: Oh! What a good presentation of a reation.

louise lundberg

Maarten Walraven: Just look at his timeline, what a dangerous one! A big shark is coming towards him.

maarten walraven

Nagaraj Vijayarangan: See how he has become a good taste for the shark. One of the most creative pages.

nagaraj vijayarangan

Maurizio Mazzanti: Here the man in the profile is trying to find out that what exactly is happening with his timeline page!

maurizio mazzanti

Mohammad L. Azzam: Oh poor me! I am too hungry.


Oliver Elsner: Just look at the page. Isn’t it creative! You can create a page of your own just by developing a professional look as this and present it in the cover page. Really, it is a good way to publicize your creativity.

oliver elsner

Ekkapong: Oh wow. This one is an impressive creativity.


Ekkapong: Have full fun with the creation of Rain.

ekka picnik

Another impressive cover:


I hope you enjoyed the entire piece of article as well as the above shown timeline covers. By now you would like to get very creative. Isn’t it! So what to wait for just make out with your own timeline cover and get famous. Till now Facebook haven’t revealed the features of it officially but with some really easy steps you can be creative.

Priyadarshini Pati

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