Biggest Facebook Timeline Mistakes

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For quite some time now, Facebook’s Timeline has been launched and it is now becoming the official standard for any Facebook user’s profile. Yet, Facebook Timeline is inappropriately implemented largely owing to ignorance to its proper usage and is hence, unappreciated and even misused.

1. Cover photo guidelines for personal profiles

The Cover Photo has the primary purpose of describing one’s character, attitude, mentality, nature, etc through a picture. The Cover Photo should be such that it gives a strong visual impact about one’s personality. Yet, very ignorantly, many display photos which are glimpses of their personal life or loved or close one’s. And as the default settings for the cover photo is “public”, sometimes such photos are misutilized.

creative fb timeline cover

Facebook allows display of one’s personal photos through profile picture album and through the creation of numerous other albums whose security settings can be thoroughly scrutinized and controlled.
Cover Photo was never meant to display personal and cherished moments to the public; it was designed to describe oneself to the public.

2. Cover photo guidelines for brands and promotions

One of the major advantages which the Facebook has now provided to its users is to advertise or promote anything through Facebook itself, hence making promotion easy  & effective. And for this usage, Facebook implements the Timeline profile layout which includes the Cover Photo Display. Yet even in this aspect, many mistakes are committed and the widespread and popular advertisement or promotion possibility of any enterprise is severely limited.

For a promotion or advertisement, the Cover Photo is supposed to be a window into the enterprises’ work.

The Cover Photo should show what is the enterprise all about, not what the enterprise does.

Yet many a times, the Cover Photo displays contact info, purchase info, list of price, etc thus ruining the impact it is supposed to make. The Cover Photo is supposed to brand and make impression, not to enlighten about the enterprises’ services.

3. Providing insufficient info about one’s self or one’s enterprise

The “About” section provided at the end of the Cover Photo is the literary equivalent of the Facebook Timeline. As the Cover Photo is utilized to describe oneself thorough visual means, the “About” section is used to describe oneself through words.

In many cases, the “About” section is either left incomplete or filled with petty words which do not provide sufficient knowledge on the relevant subject. The “About” section is literary equivalent of the Cover Photo. This section is used to give an insight to a visitor what that very Facebook page is all about. Any visitor always reads the “About” section of any Facebook profile page or advertisement to be aware of what he’s looking at.

The “About” section should be careful and specifically filled with details pertaining to one’s advertisement, promotion so as to give the onlooker a brief yet illustrative idea about the promotion.

4. Not increasing the engagement rate and promotion

Facebook has introduced several new features which are very handy in order to make promotions and advertisements a huge success and also increase the traffic and engagement rate.However, these tools are unutilized or underutilized.

facebook pages insights overview grap

One can highlight one’s content by pinning it to the top of one’s wall with a orange ribbon. This ensures that the content stays there for 7 days.  Meanwhile, that content can also be either removed or replaced by some other content.

With the launch of the Timeline, Facebook has provided with such a powerful marketing tool that promotion, advertisement, social interaction have become as easy and simple as a piece of cake.

Yet, if this tool is not utilized properly, it would be a shame and loss for both the user and the creator. Timeline should be used the way it is designed to be.

This is a guest post by Hursh Gupta. He writes about Social-Media, Blogging tips and Gadgets Reviews at his blog QuadSpar

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