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Paper shredders are not only a highly effectual tool for discarding of confidential or sensitive paperwork, but it also helps to evade the opportunity of identity theft. Therefore due to its vital functionality which these shredders offer it is imperative to buy a machine that not only destroys all-types of documentation efficiently but does it in a safe and convenient manner. The Fellowes 73Ci Powershred is a new paper shredder from Fellowes that the brand claims is perfect as well totally jam-proof. This was a major complaint with people who used different types of shredders. In addition, this new machine comes with touch-capacitive buttons and LED lighting, all packed with a glossy plastic look.


100% Jam Proof

The new 73Ci Powershred is provided with a 100% Jam Proof System for eliminating paper jams. In this mechanism, the motor varies speed based upon the number and thickness of the sheets. The window to the slide out bin enables instant monitoring of the accumulated shed inside the machine. When the bin is full, a red LED would light up and the motor would automatically stop. This LED would also again light up when you lift the bin open.

SafeSense technology   

The new proprietary and innovative Safe SenseTechnology would automatically halt the shredding process when the user’s hands come in touch with the paper opening.

Energy Saving System

The new 73Ci Powershred also uses an Energy Saving System that helps maximize the energy savings potential of this paper shredder by 100%. This technology saves energy even when the equipment is not in use.

Capacitive touch screen

The 73Ci Powershred features a new and one of its kind capacitive touch screen control with back-lit LEDs. This enables you to get better and smart control over the operations of this paper shredder.

Cross-Cut technology

The new paper shredder features a heavy-duty Cross-Cut technology in which the unique blades shred out a single sheet into 397 particles. This makes it almost impossible to re-createthe sheet in its original form.

Loaded with so many features, the new innovative 73Ci Powershred has come to become a powerful tool for preventing identify theft. Whether in the work place or at home, this shredder can perform the task in the best possible way. It is fitted with a 6-gallon bin that can be instantly emptied by pulling out.

Availability Date and Price

The new 73Ci Powershred paper shredder is expected to hit the markets in January 2013. You can expect to pay around $199.99 for this practically effective and aesthetically unmatchable paper shredder.

Loaded with so many innovative features, the 73Ci Powershred redefines what paper shredders were in the past. If you find the technologies used in this shredder to be something much more special than you expect, make sure to express your views in the comments section.

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